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Cold Country Longhorns


When starting the journey of being a longhorn owner in 2022, I found it was a fine line to balance between maintaining a small herd and resisting the temptation to invest and rapidly grow in size. While I am a lifelong Minnesotan, I believe being born in Texas and breathing that southern air attributed to my deep love of longhorns. I've always loved cows, especially the longhorns, and never thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to own one, much less have a small herd!

Well here I am! I have my friends and family to thank for this, for supporting my dreams and joining in on this crazy journey with me. I am already reaching my capacity of cattle and acreage and hopefully can expand in the future.

Cold County Longhorns is our small farm in Embarrass, Minnesota a small Finnish town/community known as " The Cold Spot of the Nation". We aim to produce quality lean meat for our family and friends and raise beautiful, healthy, wonderfully tempered animals with beautiful horn sets. We are so proud of our little herd and each longhorn receives attention and love daily. Regardless of their final destination, each longhorn is well loved and spoiled every step of the way to your farm or your plate. Please contact us if you’d like any information, we love to talk beef!!! Thank you for supporting my small farm!